The world before and after this era of artificial intelligence will be as different as the world before and after the Internet.

Children born today won't ever take a driving test

60% of the service industry will be replaced with robots by 2030

Construction costs will be cut in half by the introduction of robots

Logistic AI will improve productivity to levels never before seen

AgTech will help feed the world with precision farming

Personalized Medicine will make living to 100 the new norm

Investing in a $10 Trillion Opportunity

The Age of Hardware is here. Advancements in 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping have drastically reduced the amount of time and cost it takes to get from concept to working prototype. In the next 10 years, we will see hardware create the same level of disruption across industry verticals that software caused over the past few decades. 

The last generation of gadgetry, IoT and wearables will in no way reflect the next generation. Artificial Intelligence will extend our own physical capabilities and invisibly insert robotics into our lives in ways that we will find ourselves unable to live without 10 years from now. 

Right now, the most advanced artificial intelligence engineers are partnering with hardware specialists to solve real-world problems and bring robotics to life. 

From working with dozens of companies and speaking with 100's more, we learned that the background of Robotics/AI founders tend to have a theme. They all worked at R&D Labs in the world's top companies or came directly from a PhD program. Either way, they specialize in one thing and are extraordinary experts in a single domain or discipline. This is what makes them the next great innovators that will use their expertise in Neural Networks, Computer Vision or Machine Learning to change the world forever. 

However, almost all of these innovators have been so focused on becoming experts in their domain that they lack the business experience needed to get to market. That is where we come in. Grit dives deep with each and every one of the companies we work with, leading rounds and taking active board seats.