Scaling Hardware Startups from Concept to Launch


Building a business is tough.  We're here to help. 
Grit Labs partners with early-stage entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between MVP and launch. We provide strategic product, marketing and fundraising support.



Grit Labs is working at the intersection of software and hardware to help young companies turn their visions into market-ready products.


In the age of Big Data, the connected devices in our homes, cars, buildings, and bodies have become potent vehicles for human progress and social change. But we're just getting started.  

Our team has spent decades in the trenches of the hardware sector, witnessing countless technologies both revolutionize existing industries and create entirely new ones. From this experience arose our fascination with deep tech and the change it can have on the world.

We bring this experience along with our pre-seed and seed-stage investments to startups with demonstrated platform potential. Focusing on a small number of startups, we provide entrepreneurial services to help reduce the execution and funding risks that too often hold big ideas back. Grit Labs understands that startups can’t afford to hire a lot of executives or consultants. We fill in your most strategic gaps and let you focus on building a kick-ass product.


Grit Labs believes in the power of disruptive ideas and diverse teams.



First and foremost, we love great ideas. But we believe that great ideas benefit from diverse teams and differing ways of thinking. Because of this, we help all of our founding teams connect with the best and brightest, specifically seeking out team members that help diversify a founding team.  Grit Labs is located in Silicon Valley, the heart of technology, research and consumer innovation. Grit Labs taps into the unique and diverse talent in this area while leveraging talent around the world for design, development, and manufacturing and distribution.


Our Team

We love hardware, and the software that drives it. Our team has funded and built companies from the ground up. We are dedicated to helping start-ups bridge the gap between prototype and launch.


Jennifer Gill Roberts

Jennifer Gill Roberts is a startup investor, entrepreneur and technologist. She has over 20 years of early-stage hardware venture experience in Silicon Valley and is known for her work founding Watermark, the leading organization for women entrepreneurs. Before her career in venture, Jennifer led product and technical efforts at Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Sun Microsystems. Jennifer is an active Stanford alum (GSB and SOE) and a mentor at Stanford’s StartX incubator, the Stanford Venture Studio and ICME at the School of Engineering. Jennifer also serves on the JCEI West Coast Advisor Board for Indiana University and is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum. . She holds a BSEE from Stanford, an MSEE from UT and an MBA from Stanford. Jennifer is a great resource for Stanford football tickets, but be prepared - if you visit her home, you are likely to run into the latest Stanford and NFL recruits.


Kelly Coyne

Kelly is deeply immersed in the Silicon Valley start-up community. Having grown multiple start-ups from conception to over $100M valuations, she is a leading Go-To-Market expert. After earning her MBA from Oxford University, Kelly Coyne served at the helm of marketing for several early-stage hardware companies (Lily, Mimosa and Candl) and advised many others. Kelly has broad technology experience, but specializes in guiding Robotics, AI, AR/VR and Computer Vision companies from concept to launch. She has tremendous experience managing successful betas, developing use cases and connecting products to the right customers, and leading successful product launches.   She has also seen some of extreme pitfalls of SV startups. She is a Techstars mentor and on weekends can be found picnicking in San Francisco and enjoying craft beer.






Grit Labs will help you develop your pitch/story, business model, milestones, hiring plan and financials to support your seed and Series A raises and to manage cash.  We’ll also partner with you on fundraising activities, including identifying investors, scheduling meetings, and preparing diligence materials.  We will typically invest in your seed round(s) and take an interim board seat or an advisor role.



Grit Labs can add value as your interim COO. We can attend working sessions and help the team focus on priorities including finding hires as well as contract design, development and manufacturing partners.  

We can also help you build a compelling startup culture and find the best tools to get the job done.



Grit Labs will work with you to create and refine your brand or connect you to branding and marketing resources.  We will help you design a successful beta launch and plan your pre-sale or B2C/B2B channel strategy. 


Creating a compelling startup culture needs to be deliberate.  Grit Labs serves as a sounding board for founding/executive teams, with a focus on team-building, hiring, setting milestones, managing deliverables and executing partnerships.