Funding Robotics.

With Humans in Mind.


Investing in a $10 Trillion Opportunity


The Age of Hardware is here. In the next 10 years we will see hardware create the same level of disruption across industry verticals that software caused over the past few decades. 

Right now, the most advanced artificial intelligence engineers are partnering with hardware specialists to solve real-world problems and bring Robotics to life. 


Where we invest

Artificial Intelligence will forever change the world as we know it.

Children born today won't have a driver's license. 60% of the service industry will be replaced with robots  by 2030. Construction costs will be cut in half by the introduction of robots. Logistic AI will improve productivity to levels never before seen. AgTech will help feed the world with precision farming. Personalized Medicine will make living to 100 the new norm



We love hardware, and the software that drives it. With extensive operational expertise and a passion for early stage start-ups, our team leverages exclusive hardware clubs, mentor positions in top accelerators and close "brother" fund relationships to hunt down the "next big thing".


Jennifer Gill Roberts

Jennifer Gill Roberts is a startup investor, entrepreneur and technologist. She has over 20 years of early-stage hardware venture experience in Silicon Valley and is known for her work founding Watermark, the leading organization for women entrepreneurs. Before her career in venture, Jennifer led product and technical efforts at Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Sun Microsystems. Jennifer is an active Stanford alum (GSB and SOE) and a mentor at Stanford’s StartX incubator, the Stanford Venture Studio and ICME at the School of Engineering. Jennifer also serves on the JCEI West Coast Advisor Board for Indiana University and is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum. . She holds a BSEE from Stanford, an MSEE from UT and an MBA from Stanford. Jennifer is a great resource for Stanford football tickets, but be prepared - if you visit her home, you are likely to run into the latest Stanford and NFL recruits.


Kelly Coyne

Kelly is deeply immersed in the Silicon Valley start-up community. Having grown multiple start-ups from conception to over $100M valuations, she is a leading Go-To-Market expert. After earning her MBA from Oxford University, Kelly Coyne served at the helm of marketing for several early-stage hardware companies (Lily, Mimosa and Candl) and advised many others. Kelly has broad technology experience, but specializes in guiding Robotics, AI, AR/VR and Computer Vision companies from concept to launch. She has tremendous experience managing successful betas, developing use cases and connecting products to the right customers, and leading successful product launches.   She has also seen some of extreme pitfalls of SV startups. She is a Techstars mentor and on weekends can be found picnicking in San Francisco and enjoying craft beer.