Creating a compelling startup culture needs to be deliberate.  Grit Labs will serve as a sounding board for the founding/executive team with a focus on team building, hiring, setting milestones, managing deliverables, and executing partnerships.

Grit Labs can be your COO. We will attend working sessions and make sure the founding team is staying on top of the details.  We will help you find hires as well as outsourced design, development and manufacturing partners.  We’ll help you build a compelling startup culture and find the best tools to get the job done.

Grit Labs will work with you to create your brand or connect you to branding and marketing resources.  We’ll also help you develop a successful beta and plan your pre-sale, or B2C/B2B channel strategy.

We will help you develop a pitch/story, business model, milestones, hiring plan and associated financials to support the raise and to manage cash.  We’ll also partner with you on fundraising activities including identifying investors, setting up meetings, 
and preparing diligence materials.  
Typically we will invest in your seed round(s) and take an interim board seat.