Grit Labs is working at the intersection of hardware and software, at the nexus of devices and data. We help early-stage entrepreneurs turn their visions into market-ready products.


We are moving quickly to a world driven by Big Data. The Internet of Everything will connect a trillion devices in our homes, cars, and buildings - even our bodies.  These devices and connections will provide us an opportunity to tackle major societal challenges and create entirely new industries.

Why work with us?  Hardware is a game-changer.  Grit Labs is sector-focused and invests in pre-seed and seed-stage startups that have platform potential.  We focus on a small number of startups and provide entrepreneurial services to help reduce execution and funding risk. Grit Labs understands that startups can’t afford to hire a lot of executives or consultants.  We fill in your most strategic gaps and let you focus on building a kick-ass product.